Welcome Adventurers,

You've found the portal to our Dungeons & Dragons archive! All of the content you'll find here has been written and developed by Tri, taking place in his unique world of Meridian. When Guild Group Games started, we only offered one-shot adventures as a way to let new players try the game without a longer term commitment. 

The group had so much fun they asked Tri if they could level up the pre-made characters they were playing. "Wouldn't it be cool if we just did more of this story with these same characters?" Yeah, that's called a campaign...

So we have that now, too.

We hope you enjoy, and join us live for the next session! View our calendar of upcoming events here.

Roll Initiative,

Tri & Destiny

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Guild Group Games was established to provide group activities for online communities between game expansions and raid tiers.


Want to host an online event for your group of friends? Let's collaborate!  Send us an email to info@guildgroupgames.com.

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