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We were founded prior to the Antorus raid release by a small group of RL friends. Many of our initial members came from other previous tier Legion AotC guilds, and we wanted to create something of our own heading into BfA.

Raid Environment: We consider ourselves a casual AotC guild, striking a balance between community and fun first approach while obtaining AotC for every raid tier.

We’re here first and foremost to have fun and build a community. We’re typically pretty relaxed with a lot of activity during raids. Discord is usually pretty chatty during trash, and bosses are typically pretty focused on calling things out. If we’re wiping on stupid stuff that we’ve cleared before the raid leader may tell folks to focus up because people are making dumb mistakes, but realistically as long as we’re making progress and improving on a fight, then having fun is the priority. Even on progression fights, we try to make sure people aren’t getting stressed out. We play the game, try to do better, and kill stuff while having fun.

We have some very talented players who are happy to support raid members in improving if needed, including gear runs, rotation advice/practice, and teaching mechanics. Raid supplies are provided as needed, including cauldrons and feasts, and we have crafting capability for everything else. We use Discord for comms which tends to be lively during raids.



Androsyx is the Guild Master and sets the overall direction and strategy of the guild, working with Tribrid and Destiny to make sure guild leadership is on the same page and in agreement.  Androsyx also does the organized recruiting and most of the communication out to the guild, and works with Tribrid to ensure we have the people we need to successfully raid.



Tribrid is the Raid Leader and “second in command” of the guild.  Tri is responsible for raid strategies and execution of the raid overall.  Having near mastery of most classes and roles, he is also responsible for providing guidance and assistance to interested players.



Destiny is commonly referred to as “Guild HR.”  Being significantly more skilled at being social than Tri and Andro, Destiny is responsible for the community and events within the guild.  She also provides temperament and a less critical perspective for guild leadership when interacting with so many diverse people.

Weekly WoW Events


Mondays: Mythic+

Groups start forming at 6:30pm

Wednesdays: Raid Night

Raid invites start at 6:45pm

Sundays: Raid Night

Raid invites start at 5:45pm



All times are PT | Lightbringer-US Server Time

Guild Group Games


In addition to our recurring WoW events,

we also have other group activities including:

Virtual Movie Nights

Jackbox Games

Dungeons & Dragons

Connect With Us To Learn More!

Get to know us while we play Guild Group Games!

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